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1 Home health agencies can be run by private for-profit corporations, non-profit corporations, religious affiliated organizations or government entities. The type of ownership may affect agency resources and how services are organized. Quality can vary in home health agencies within each of the different types of ownership.

2 Agencies that are Medicare Certified are able to participate in Medicare related programs.

Services Offered

List of services offered at JEFFERSON HOMECARE in PINE BLUFF, AR.

  • Nursing Care Services

    Care given or supervised by registered nurses. Nurses provide direct care; manage, observe, and evaluate a patient’s care; and teach the patient and his or her family caregiver.

  • Physical Therapy Services

    Treatment of injury and disease by mechanical means, like heat, light, exercise, and massage.

  • Occupational Therapy Services

    Services given to help you return to usual activities (like bathing, preparing meals, and housekeeping) after illness either on an inpatient or outpatient basis.

  • Speech Therapy Services

    This is the study of communication problems. Speech therapists assist with problems involving speech, language, and swallowing. Communication problems can be present at birth or develop after an injury or illness, like a stroke.

  • Medical Social Services

    Services to help you with social and emotional concerns related to your illness. This might include counseling or help in finding resources in your community.

  • Home Health Aide Services

    Part time or intermittent services to help you with your daily living activities.

Home Health Agency Report

In 2016, JEFFERSON HOMECARE charged a total of $9,840,030 to Medicare for a total of 1,533 (non-LUPA) home health episodes provided to 904 Medicare beneficiaries.

The report covers only calendar year 2016.

Percentage of patients with these chronic conditions
Atrial Fibrillation 19% Alzheimer's 28%
Asthma 33% Cancer 12%
Congestive Heart Failure 53% Chronic Kidney Disease 53%
COPD 29% Depression 26%
Diabetes 46% Hyperlipidemia 60%
Hypertension n/a Ischemic Heart Disease 67%
Osteoporosis 10% RA / OA 48%
Schizophrenia 6% Stroke 14%
Average Number of Visits, per episode
Total non-LUPA Episodes1533
Total LUPA Episodes144
Skilled Nursing Visits12.7
Physical Therapy Visits4.8
Occupational Therapy0.8
Speech Therapy0.0
Home Health Aide2.3
Medical-Social Visits0.0
Medicare Beneficiaries 904
Average Age 75
Male 348
Female 556
White 569
Black 325
Asian n/a
Hispanic n/a
Other n/a

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