Contact Information

RYE, NY 10580
(914) 967-4100
Non profit - Corporation
Medicare certification date2: August 30, 1996
The is the date the nursing home was certified to participate in the Medicare program.

1 Nursing homes can be run by private for-profit corporations, non-profit corporations, religious affiliated organizations or government entities.

2 Agencies that are Medicare Certified are able to participate in Medicare related programs.

Nursing Home Information

  79 residents

  84 certified beds

  Participates in Medicare

  Continuing Care Retirement Community

  In hospital

  Resident Council only

  Automatic sprinklers in all required areas

Quality rating
Health inspection rating
Staffing rating
Substantiated complaints None
Facility reported incidents None
Number of fines None
Number of penalties None
Number of payment denials None


Staffing for 79 residents New York Average National Average
Hours by Registered Nurse (RN) per resident per day 53 minutes 43 minutes 41 minutes
Hours by Licensed Practial Nurse (LPN & LVN) per resident per day 57 minutes 49 minutes 53 minutes
Hours by Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) per resident per day 3 hours, 10 minutes 2 hours, 16 minutes 2 hours, 20 minutes
Physical therapy (PT) staff hours per resident per day 16 minutes 8 minutes 7 minutes

Staffing hours per resident is the total number of hours worked by the staff divided by the total number of residents. It doesn't necessarily show the number of nursing staff present at any given time or the amount of care given to any one resident.






Nursing Home Report

In 2016, THE OSBORN charged a total of $6,889,350 for 393 Medicare Beneficiaries. The average age of residents at this skilled nursing facility is about 83.

The report covers only calendar year 2016.

Chronic Condition of Residents
Atrial Fibrillation 27% Alzheimer's 37%
Asthma 24% Cancer 20%
Congestive Heart Failure 31% Kidney Disease 41%
COPD 22% Depression 46%
Diabetes 24% Hyperlipidemia 73%
Hypertension n/a Ischemic Heart Disease 42%
Osteoporosis 23% RA / OA 71%
Schizophrenia 3% Stroke 12%
Medicare Beneficiaries 393 Average Age 83
Male 122 Female 271
White 375
Black n/a
Asian n/a
Hispanic n/a
American Indian 0
Other n/a

Health & Fire Inspection

Most recent health inspection: Apr 09, 2018; fire safety inspection: Apr 10, 2018

Health Deficiencies as of 04/09/2018
Freedom from Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation None
Quality of Life and Care None
Resident Assessment and Care Planning 1
Nursing and Physician Services None
Resident Rights None
Nutrition and Dietary Deficiencies 1
Pharmacy Service None
Environmental Deficiencies None
Administration Deficiencies None
Fire Deficiencies as of 04/10/2018
Emergency Preparedness None
Automatic Sprinkler Systems None
Construction Deficiencies None
Services Deficiencies None
Corridor Walls and Doors None
Egress Deficiencies None
Electrical Deficiencies None
Emergency Plans and Fire Drills None
Fire Alarm Systems None
Smoke Deficiencies None
Interior Deficiencies None
Gas, Vacuum, and Electrical Systems None
Hazardous Area None
Illumination and Emergency Power None
Laboratories Deficiencies None
Medical Gases and Anesthetizing Areas None
Smoking Regulations None
Miscellaneous Regulations 1